Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Mortgage Approval Process

Getting a new California mortgage loan can be a little overwhelming with all of the important details, lender guidelines and sometimes a few speed bumps.

I will guide you through the process and make it easy.

There ARE a lot of rules and steps to follow, here’s a simple list of DO’S and DON’TS to keep in mind as you work through your mortgage approval process:


  • Stay working at your current job
  • Remain current on all your accounts
  • Keep making your house or rent payments
  • Keep your insurance payments current
  • Continue to maintain your credit as usual


  • Make any major purchases (Car, Boat, Jet Ski, Home Theater…)
  • Apply for new credit
  • Open new credit cards (THAT 10% OFF DISCOUNT IS NOT WORTH IT!)
  • Transfer any balances from one credit or bank acct to another
  • Pay off any charge-off accounts or collections
  • Buying new furniture before you buy your house
  • Close any credit cards, unless Jackie’s underwriter tells you to
  • Max out your credit cards
  • Consolidate credit debt

While you are in the process of getting your new mortgage, just keep your financial status as stable as possible until your loan is funded.

Even minor changes can cause a red flag in the eyes of the underwriter or cause a negative impact on your credit score. You don’t want to get a denial letter due to silly mistakes like these.

Check with Jackie on even the simple questions to make sure your loan approval is successful.
Jackie cell 949 600.0944 or  email her at

Jackie Barikhan

Jackie Barikhan is a Nationally Licensed Mortgage Advisor (NMLS# 914312)

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