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Mortgages 101 – Here’s a quick way to understand the steps about getting a loan

There are so many pieces to getting a new mortgage in California.

Below I have put together the answers to the questions you ask most about getting approved and getting the best rate, as well as the overall mortgage process.

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on my site. You don’t have to know all of it. There is no quiz at the end 🙂

It is my job to know everything. Of course, if you read and understand everything on this site, you could be halfway towards becoming a real estate advisor. And with the prices of home in LA and Orange County, a second income may not be a bad idea.

Any questions?? Please call me and let’s set up a personal consultation where we can address your needs and goals.

Click on the topic headline to learn more about each section.

1 .Cheat Sheet to the Top 30 Mortgage Terms
Whether you’re new to the home buying process, or a seasoned investor, there are many terms you might not have heard before starting the mortgage process.  This is a short list of the top 30 mortgage related terms you need to know.

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2. Getting Approved

Required down payment, income / employment information and your credit score are a few of the important factors lenders look at when considering a borrower for a mortgage loan approval.

There are several questions that I will need to know before I can issue a pre-approval letter.  Being prepared with all of your documents when we speak will get your approval process moving in the right direction.

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3. How much can I borrow?

The first step in obtaining a new loan is to determine how much money you can borrow. So you want to purchase a new home or vacation property?  You need to know how much home you can afford before you begin looking. Give me about 15 minutes with you answering a few simple questions,  and I will calculate your buying power, based on our lender guidelines. This section covers loan to value, debt to income and credit scores.

Read more about finding how much you can borrow

4. Secret of Getting the Best Mortgage Rate

There are many factors involved that influence mortgage rates. Making sure you are getting the best rate all comes down to trusting your loan officer and knowing she has the technology to keep on top of the MBS market for correct timing on when to lock your loan.

Read more about getting the best rate

5. MBS for Dummies

There are many economic indicators that impact the movement of interest rate markets. Understanding what a mortgage backed security is, and some of the indicators which can help determine if rates are moving up, down or sideways…

Read more about mortgage backed securities

6. Closing Your LoanWith Jackie and Right Choice Mortgage by your side, the closing process should be a smooth transition from signed documents to the closing.

Read more about closing your loan

7. Top 5 Questions

What questions do I hear all the time about getting a new mortgage?

Read more about the top 5 questions


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