What our clients say about us:

Below are some of my clients testimonials…

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for My AMAZING Lender Jackie Barikhan. This was my first home purchase and she became much more than my lender…she mentored me through the entire process and became a dear friend. Buying a home is no easy task and throughout it all, I felt like times I couldn’t trust the different parties involved–but with Jackie, I knew she always had my best interest in mind, and so felt at ease that she would always look out for me. I had a loan that many said would be impossible to get. But not if Jackie is your lender! Her persistence, tireless effort, and loving attention ensured a successful loan approval. I am so grateful for her hard work, effort, and friendship. Thanks Jackie!!”

-Mona Kiani, San Diego, CA

“Jackie was the best. She made the whole process simple and easy, considering we were buying a home in Los Angeles while living in Northern Virginia. Jackie helped us get all of the paperwork together and in a matter of days we were approved for the loan. She monitored the interest rates assuring we got the best rate and made the entire process painless. Thank you for everything Jackie. I will use your services again and highly recommend you to anyone I know looking to make a home purchase in Southern California.”

-Roy Flores, Los Angeles, CA

“What an incredible experience working with Jackie on refinancing my home. I have never had such a well informed, diligent, personable banker guide me through this sometimes arduous process. I would recommend her highly without reservation to anyone who might require her services. Thank you again Jackie”

-Dr. C. Hunter, Los Angeles, CA

“Jackie was a magic maker in securing a mortgage loan for us. We shopped around and realized
that Jackie was going to get it done in the quickest and most professional manner. I’m truly impressed with her ability to make sure everyone is working as a team. Obtaining a loan in this market can be stressful, but Jackie kept us informed and reassured through the whole process. If in the future, we need another loan,  I will only rely on her expertise.”

-Dr. J. Hershman, San Diego, CA

“I have been a commercial lender by trade for the last 20 years and sought out Jackie as my lender to purchase our home on 5 acres in Agua Dulce, CA.  We searched for over a year to find the right home and when we found the right one, it was a foreclosed property sold at auction.  The auction process was a nightmare as the title/escrow company that was used was also owned by the same company.  If that isn’t enough, the title/escrow business was outsourced to India. There was no way of choosing our own title/escrow as the auction contract for the house required us to use their chosen title/escrow company.  Jackie did a superb job of navigating all the requirements to close our loan.  She went above and beyond her duties as a lender pushing on and providing info to the title/escrow company so we could get our loan closed.  I do have clients that purchase or refi their homes or investment properties and Jackie will be getting all of my referrals from now on. When you have a great broker like Jackie they can do all the endless work of getting a loan for you and know all the funding sources and requirements and can get you the best rate possible. Don’t waste your time going directly to the banks for a home loan.  You will save all the aggravation and wasted time if you take my advice–GO DIRECTLY TO JACKIE BARIKHAN!!!”

-Jenny Foster, Agua Dulce, CA 

“For two years I been trying to refinance my home and I kept running in to ratio problems. Jackie took a look at my numbers and said we can make this deal happen. I didn’t think she would be able to make it happen after the other four banks couldn’t. Six weeks later Ms Jackie has closed the deal. Jackie thank you so very much.”

         -Stan Caver, Los Angeles, CA

“Jackie is the best I’ve ever worked with!! I have never had such an easy, fast, and pleasant experience refinancing a home! Jackie knew of programs that no other lenders have ever mentioned and because of that was able to find the perfect loan for my family. We will absolutely work with Jackie in the future. Thank you Jackie :)”

-Janelle Weinberg, Lake Forest, CA 

“Jackie is a professional with an extensive network of key contacts in the industry. She helped us tremendously with our refinance! We are very pleased with her help and services. We not only got a great loan, but we gained a friend for life! We highly recommend her without reservations.”

         -Robert Acosta, Lake Forest, CA

“Buying a home is one of the biggest endeavors in one’s life. There are many loan companies and loan personnel, but coming across someone as professional, knowledgeable, and caring as Jackie is like hitting the jackpot. I was fortunate enough to get referred to her from one of my relatives. From the moment she took over the responsibility of getting me a loan, my worries were over, because I knew with Jackie’s expertise and caring persona, I was in the best hands. Since I was going through personal difficulties, not only did she get me the best loan, and in efficient timing, but she was also my coach and advisor all along. After I moved to my home in San Diego County, I finally got to meet Jackie, and she is a stunningly beautiful person, inside and out. Now my daughter is looking to buy her first home, and I feel at ease knowing I have someone trustworthy to take care of the loan side of things and help her through the process. I wouldn’t want anything less than the best for my daughter… and Jackie Barikhan truly is the best!
Thank you for everything you’ve done for my family and I, Jackie!

         -with all my love Shekoofeh Kiani, Oceanside, CA

“Jackie is amazing. She is relentless in nailing down and keeping track of a million details, a tireless communicator, a fountain of wisdom and experience, well-connected, insightful, cheerful, and warmly reassuring during what can only be an occasionally stressful process. She answers really dumb questions without even laughing. And she got us a great rate!”

-Stu Spikerman, Irvine, CA

“Jackie was monumental in our home buying process! She walked us through the lending process and was patient and uber responsive. She has a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of loans and her experience and attention to detail was so helpful. We really wouldn’t be homeowners without her.”

-Ryan Duke, Los Angeles, CA

“I am an African American Navy Veteran buyer with average credit. Jackie worked tirelessly to get me approved for a loan. She was in constant contact with me and let me know where I stood every step of the way. She made a process that could have been really stressful, very manageable. Jackie got the job done! I am living in my new home and enjoying it!”

-Sneferu Azikwe, Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with a number of lenders, big and small.  With Jackie I got the best of both – expertise and experience of a big lender, with personalize service and attention of a small lender.  Communication is critical with any transaction, and Jackie always took the time to communicate with me during the entire process.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to my associates.”

-W. Martin Wilson, Irvine, CA

“We are first-time home buyers and worked with Jackie in Summer 2015 to purchase our first home in Los Angeles. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and walked us through the entire mortgage and loan process from beginning to end. She was responsive, proactive and incredibly thorough, which is really all you can ask for! We processed our loan with no issues, thanks to Jackie’s prep sessions with us throughout the process. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful lender. She is highly recommended!!”

– Taylor Tomczyszyn & Justin Lovett, Los Angeles, CA

“Jackie has helps us tremendously for years in acquiring the best interest rates.  She has provided outstanding mortgage deals for us and her expertise in financing and refinancing has been invaluable to us.  She always has great insight with regard to logical strategies and we can always count on her to provide excellent advice.  Her strong suit is caring about people and she really listens in order to know how to make exactly the right decision.  I can’t think of anything she could do to improve her method of doing business.  She’s a 10!”

– Nick D’Amico & Diane Burt, Los Angeles, CA

“Going through this re-finance process was definitely not easy, but Jackie was persistent and a pleasure to work with. I am sure she could have passed me on by, because my loan was not a simple one. Jackie did not give up and kept me focused on what we need to do to get this loan approved. Jackie knowledge in the mortgage field and commitment to her clients is excellent.”

-Diane Van Muysen, Santa Maria, CA

“Pleasant, patient, persistent, and professional that’s how I’d describe Jackie Barikhan. Before Jackie took over our loan file, another mortgage broker had been raking us over the coals for three months. Jackie got it done in one and without the stress we’d been dealing with! Because we’d had such an awful experience before Jackie, we were riddled with lots of questions and fears. She dealt with us patiently and even talked to the seller well after hours to allay their fears about closing and keep us in escrow. There’s no one I’d trust more. “

– Karen and Eric Robinson, Los Angeles, CA

“Jackie was simply amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and was always available to answer any questions I had regarding the loan process (and I had many questions!). She’s very confident and you know that she is looking out for your best interest. As a first time home buyer, I couldn’t have asked for better! Highly recommend!”

– Julia Gomez-Coban, Los Angeles, CA

“Jackie was very helpful in guiding us in a process that ended up being longer than expected. She stuck with it to see it through to a successful end. Thanks Jackie!”

– Andy & Bonnie Schuh, Lake Forest, CA

“I was very fortunate to have Jackie recommended to me to help in financing my first home. She is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make everything go smoothly and close on time. I will definitely seek her support in my future purchases! “

– Elena Meazzo, Costa Mesa, CA

“I was in the middle of trying to purchase my first home when the lender I had been using told me she had made a mistake. All of a sudden, I was confronted with a higher interest rate and lots of extra closing costs. I wasn’t sure what to do. The home was in escrow and was supposed to close in just a couple weeks. Luckily, my Realtor referred me to Jackie. From the minute I spoke with her, she went to work non-stop on my loan, which was not an easy loan to put together. I had just graduated from school with a lot of student loan debt and had barely begun to work. Despite all of the roadblocks, Jackie was able to get my loan funded in just a couple weeks. She was always friendly, responsive and willing to do what it took to get the job done. I would recommend to anyone that they choose Jackie for their home financing needs.”

– Michael H., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Now that we have closed the book on the refi for my home in Whittier. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all you did to facilitate the entire process. You were always there!! You were organized, efficient, communicative, helpful, timely, friendly, and most of all caring. I could not believe how easy and smooth the entire process was with your direction and guidance. My final recommendation to anyone would be – If you need financing for a new home or refinancing, your first contact should be to Jackie Barikhan. She is the best!!! and will make it happen…”

– Dean and Linda Crowley, Whittier, California

“What can I say, does anyone enjoy the loan process these days? No Way, but doing your loan with Jackie Barikhan is a joy! She really does as much of the “work” as possible so you’re left with whatever she can’t do. She really takes on the brunt of the work and that makes the process so much better!!!”

– Kristen and Mark G. Lake Forest, California

“We had a really difficult time getting a loan as my husband had many different jobs to document and I recently just finished school and started working. Jackie was tireless and committed. She fought for us and we got a great loan and saved hundreds on our monthly payment.”

– Sandy and Rafael P. Santa Rosa, California

“Jackie was great to work with, She goes the extra mile and even found a notary in Mexico to help with the loan signing. She is a do whatever it takes to get it done loan officer! Highly recommend her – We saved a lot on our Veteran Loan.”

– J Williford Vista , California

“Jackie made this painful process almost painless. She was responsive and went out of her way to accommodate my busy schedule. I highly recommend her.”

– Brenda Grow, Mission Viejo, California

“Jackie and her team at Right Choice Mortgage are knowledgeable and efficient. They closed my loan in 3 weeks and got me a much better rate.”

– M. Beauchamp Perris, California

“Jackie Barikhan is a mortgage professional I trust to give me the most updated information available. We were very happy with our refinance with Jackie. She was informative and helpful every step of the way.”

– Drew & Dorothy Garant  Mission Viejo, California

“Jackie, thanks for all that you have done. You made a very stressful time in my family’s life stress free.  Needing to close in less than a month, having a vacation planned during the contingency period and closing early enough to move my daughter into our new home before she left for college 5 days later.  All was business as usual for you. I have never been so satisfied with any real estate professional.  You not only met all my expectations but exceeded them.  Closing a loan in just over 3 weeks was exceptional.  I have complete confidence in you and have recommended you to my fire department friends and family. Thanks for taking such good care of us.”

– Alfred and Heather Hernandez, Simi Valley, California

“Jackie worked  tirelessly for us and got the best deal possible on our refinance.  She stays on top of things to prevent any bumps during the process.  This is our 2nd refinance with Jackie and as promised it was the smoothest refi we have ever done.  I would recommend Jackie as your first choice when you need financing for a new home or refinancing!”

– John and Lynda Bruns, Lake Forest, California

Hello Jackie, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all you did to facilitate the entire process of our Refinancing, We had a really difficult time getting a loan, we tried different loan companies and they wouldn’t give us much of time or effort to Refinance our loan.  Jackie and her team at Right Choice Mortgage are knowledgeable and efficient,  Jackie was responsive, gave us ASSURANCE and She goes the extra mile and even found a notary to come to our home for signing the documents. Closing my loan with Jackie went smooth and within 3 weeks our new loan was done and recorded.    Thank you for being organized, efficient, communicative, friendly, and most of all CARING. I could not believe how easy and smooth the entire process was with your direction and guidance. My final recommendation to anyone would be… If you need financing for a new home or refinancing, please contact Jackie Barikhan at Right Choice Mortgage.

 Houshang & Siriona Nejad, Concord, California

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