Take advantage of today’s interest rates with a conventional mortgage loan including the HomeReady and Home Possible programs.

Only 3% down required in most cases. Potential for seller contributions and gift funds too!!!!

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Up to 97% conventional financing. We also offer USDA & VA loans with up to 100% financing and FHA loans with only 3% down.

Why Jackie Barikhan
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Jackie is a California-based, award-winning mortgage professional with over 100 5-star ratings. Committed to excellent strategies and out-of-the-box thinking. Mortgage lending is all I do, all day, every day! I’m here to help you in every way!

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Conventional Loans

We are pleased to offer Conventional Home Loans in a variety of terms to suit a wide range of borrowers. Conventional Loans are loans that are not guaranteed or insured by government agencies such as the FHA or USDA, but do adhere to Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac guidelines. We can provide eligible borrowers with both fixed and adjustable rate Conventional Mortgages in a variety of different terms,

With programs like HomeReady, Home Possible, and HomeOne, down payments start as low as 3% and gift funds may be used to help cover the down payment and closing costs.

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Why Consider a Conventional Loan?

What may be the most popular option in today’s marketplace, the 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage continues to help borrowers obtain affordable interest rates that don’t ever go up, along with the financial flexibility of lower monthly payments. By contrast, the 10 or 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages offer shorter repayment periods, which can help the borrower own their home sooner and build equity faster, but at the expense of higher monthly payments.

  • Loans adhere to Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) guidelines – additional lender guidelines may apply
  • Fixed interest rates will never increase
  • ARMs may offer lower introductory rates for set periods of time
  • May have lower interest rates than non-conventional mortgages
  • May be a good option for borrowers with at least 3-20% to put down
  • Can be used to refinance a mortgage into a lower interest rate

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About Jackie

About Jackie

Mortgage Broker with Summit Lending

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Mortgage financing can be complicated. My expert team will make sure everything is transparent and painless as possible, so you can move into your new home,  or get the cash out you need with minimal stress. I LOVE what I do! There is no greater privilege than to help families secure their future home or help make a dramatic impact on a family’s budget by helping them save on their mortgage payment.

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Serving the entire State of California.

Nationally Licensed Mortgage Advisor:
NMLS# 914312
BRE# 01962240

I am thoroughly impressed and grateful to have worked with Jackie and her team at Right Choice Mortgage! I really admire the can-do, positive attitude that Jackie had throughout this year-long process of us searching for a house, and when we finally found it, the very long escrow process. She answered all of our questions, helped us stayed on top of our finances and documents, and send us helpful reports so that we can make the right choice in choosing our home. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge (and patience!) that was invaluable in analyzing properties and loan products that best fit our needs. We went through so many scenarios of different properties and financing options and qualifying criteria, etc., our file was probably the largest anyone has ever seen but Jackie was able to sort through it all and finally get us to close on our loan. Daniel and I are eternally grateful to Jackie for helping us start our real estate investing careers! It is truly a dream come true 🙂

Wei Cho