If you search for quick fix credit repair on the Internet you’re likely to get thousands of responses but surprisingly, it’s not that quick to actually do the job. I get this question a lot and that’s not surprising at all because most people want to improve their credit score in order to get a lower rate on a home loan, refinance or home equity line of credit. But is there any real way that you can fix your credit score or report fast?

There are options for those that need fast credit score improvement such as rapid rescoring. This is a quick way to increase your credit score to help you qualify for better rates and terms during the mortgage application process. Any changes to your credit score typically take a little bit of time. If you’ve missed a payment you’re there, recently paid off the loan, or made some improvements that could increase your credit score, can all take a little bit of time to show up on your credit history report. Perhaps you’ve made some positive financial differences but they are not reflected on your credit report just yet. As your lender, I can help you look at your credit score with a score simulator and figure out hypothetically what you can do to increase your score to where it needs to be. This is not a quick fix if nothing has changed on your credit history or if you’re trying to get a loan and manipulate the system. This rapid rescoring is just fast forwarding the process it typically takes weeks.

There are other ways to increase your credit score over just a few weeks if you plan on buying within the next six months. It’s important to start now so that you can plan for the future, save the money you need to, an increase that score as much is you can. Here are five simple ways you can increase your credit score quickly and then have a rapid re-score in order to qualify for a better loan.

#1. Get a copy of your credit history. You want to check for accuracy, correct any errors, and make sure that all the loans out there in your name are correct. You never know if you’re going to find some loan that you took out years ago that never got repaid. Call me if you need help ordering your report

#2. Pay all of your bills on time. You might even want to pay more than the minimum if you can or pay off your loans as quickly as possible.

#3. Do not close any unused credit cards. This might sound counterintuitive but if you close an account that has no balance, the ratio of available credit to debt goes down. If you have several credit cards that have no balance on them, it shows that you have available credit and have not maxed out all of the credit cards you do own.

#4. Pay any fines, parking tickets or traffic tickets right away. Any tickets or fees from toll bridges and toll lanes, parking tickets or traffic fines, can all be on your credit history so make sure you have paid those off in full.

#5. Don’t apply for any new credit. This means credit cards, loans, auto loans, furniture financing or any other type of loan. You want to put all of that on hold until after you have closed on a house or the home loan.

If you’ve done this for the last six weeks give me a call. Let’s see if we could do a rapid rescore and get you the loan and the rate you want.