A question I am asked often is what information and / or documents do I need to provide?

Because I am required to verify your income and financial information before giving you a mortgage loan, the items I request will provide the most complete picture of your financial history.

Below are the documents I will need from you when we meet:

  • Income Tax returns 2011-2012 (W2’s and 1099 if received) (2013 if filed or extension)
  • Paystubs for the last 30 days
  • Copy of Drivers License and SS card
  • Mortgage Statement and hazard insurance declaration page for all real estate owned
  • Asset statement most recent 60 days (checking, savings, 401K, stocks/bonds etc.)
  • If Self Employed will need corporate tax returns (1120’s or K1’s) previous 2 years
  • Additional income details if you receive other sources of income and would like it considered (child support, secondary job, etc.)

These documents may also be required depending on your circumstances:

  • Divorce Decree
  • Bankruptcy Discharge
  • If you are receiving a gift for your down payment, we will need a letter detailing the gift and mention that the money does not need to be re-paid.
  • Purchase contract (Purchase loans only)

Please contact me with any questions and if you can’t find everything, we can start with the basics.