Lake Forest

Major Changes to the Reverse Mortgage Program

On October 2, 2017, major changes to the reverse mortgage program came down the pike. Here's what you need to know. What is it? HECM, or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, also known as a reverse mortgage, underwent some changes this year as the MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association) President supports a call to remove reverse mortgages from MMI (Mutual Mortgage Insurance) Fund and joining HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This would allow lawmakers to develop more long-term solutions to the HECM issues and current problems. This is also designed to protect borrowers as well as the FHA from major losses. Reverse [...]

Jobs, Employment Lake Forest, CA

With the nation still struggling out of the Great Recession, California’s overall job and unemployment rating is the 9th highest of all 50 states, at 5.9%. However, this ranking includes inland areas that have been hard hit: 8 of the 10 urban areas in the US with the highest unemployment rates are in inland areas of California. The coastal areas from Los Angeles south to San Diego have fared much better, with Los Angeles County at 6.2%, and San Diego at 4.4%. Lake Forest’s sister cities rate even better, with Irvine at 4.5%, and Mission Viejo at 3.6%. According to [...]

Wondering About The Weather in Lake Forest?

 Wonder no more. The weather is, in a word, perfect. All of Southern California is known for its mild Mediterranean climate. Daytime highs in the summer average in the mid 70’s and in the winter in the mid 60’s. Even in the winter there are stretches of days in the 70’s. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round, day and night.   At the time of this writing, Feb 2016, we are currently having a beautiful week with temperatures in the mid 80’s.   Southern California weather has been hailed as the most pleasant of any place in the continental United States. Zillow, for [...]

Get Schooled in Lake Forest

  Educational opportunities are a big factor in many people’s choice of a home town. There are the K-12 schools for one thing, but there also are kids’ sports and extracurricular offerings to consider. On every point, Lake Forest offers just what you may be looking for.   Lake Forest’s K-12 schools are part of Saddleback Valley Unified School District—one of the top school districts in California. In most neighborhoods, homes are within walking district of an elementary school, and both Serrano Middle School and El Toro High School are centrally located.   The elementary schools are lively, happy places, with lots of parent [...]

So… You want to live in Lake Forest?

The small city of Lake Forest is bordered on the north by Irvine, and on the south by Mission Viejo. All three of these cities are ranked among the safest cities in the country.     True to its name, Lake Forest is home to both lakes and forests—a rarity in Southern California communities. The lakes and forests are both man-made; still, they afford a peaceful atmosphere that is lacking in the much more densely populated beach cities that are all only a 15-25 minute drive away.   Let’s start with the beaches. Lake Forest is centrally on a 75-mile stretch of beach cities [...]

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