Purchasing a Home

Some of the Most Common Questions When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and nervous times in your life. It's a lot of money to buy a house and when we are talking about this much money, it's bound to make people a little skittish. My job is to make you feel as confident, comfortable, and knowledgeable as possible throughout the entire process. Knowledge really is power and the more you know and understand about the process, the more confidently you can buy. Here are some of the most common questions most first time home buyers have. #1. What does it cost to buy a [...]

Should I Go With the Builders Lender?

I've worked with several buyers over the years who after talking with the lender on-site at a new development have decided to go with the builder's lender rather than myself. You can imagine how frustrating that can be, but, that goes with anything. In any business where there's a commission, there is the risk that someone else will swoop in and snag your customer. So, with that being said, it's important to talk about using a builders lender versus going with one of your own. In just about every new development or subdivision there is a dedicated buyer's agent and lender [...]

How Do I Qualify for a First Time Buyer Mortgage?

Qualifying for your first mortgage shouldn't be as intimidating as it sounds. Yes, you'll be applying for probably the biggest loan you've ever applied for but it's also a great way to start saving money for yourself in the form of real estate. Not many other loans work the way a mortgage does. By paying down your mortgage at the same time your home value increases you're actually gaining more money than had you remained a renter. So how do you begin? You can start at home by running some preliminary numbers to see where you sit financially. Take all your [...]

Are Interest Rates Higher for Condominiums?

If you're in the real estate market you might be considering a condominium or townhouse over a single-family house in order to save some money, but are you really saving any money by purchasing a condo when it comes to interest rates and additional fees? Condominiums may have hidden fees that don't necessarily show up right away when you're searching for a condo. They may actually come with higher mortgage rates as well as homeowner or condo association dues, which need to be factored into your monthly outgoing payments. Depending on the type of condo association you're planning to be [...]

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