Mission Inn at Christmas

Looking to get into the spirit of the season?  Then one of your Holiday stops needs to be in Riverside, CA at the historic Mission Inn at Christmas time. Frequented by Presidents and whos who in Hollywood and the like. This gorgeous property has been serving travelers for over 140 years! Its stunning architecture has many styles: Spanish Gothic, Spanish Colonial, Renaissance Revival and Mediterranean. During the holiday season what you want to see is the Festival of Lights featuring over 4.5 MILLION twinkling lights, over 200 animated figurines, and holiday characters. Below are some pictures to get you started. We were in attendance [...]

Best Christmas Lights Lake Forest

It's the most wonderful time of the year !! Time to hop in your car , drive-through Starbucks or Chocxo and grab some hot cocoa's and go for a drive for the best Christmas lights in Lake Forest. These are my favorites and the pictures don't hold a candle to the real thing so go take a drive and check em out before year end. Start your night off with a bang on Belquest 22981 Belquest in Lake Forest. Jim and Bob's house blink together with music/ radio station you listen to in your car.  If you're lucky, you might even [...]

Think Twice Before You Lease Solar Panels for Your Home

Think Twice Before You Lease Solar Panels for Your Home! "Going Green” is a hot topic across the country. Home owners and home buyers need to consider the many factors below, before committing to solar panels for your home. A recent study has shown that solar panels can potentially add up to $15,000 in value to your home's appraisal price. BUT—AND THIS IS A BIG BUT—This additional value must be offset by the $20,000 to $30,000 you will spend for the panels. AFTER YOU DO THE MATH, YOU MAY HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF: “IS THIS REALLY A GOOD INVESTMENT?” Unless you [...]

Property Types Eligible for VA Loans in California

  California offers a wide variety of homes to satisfy any buyer’s desires. VA loan buyers need to focus on certain types of properties so they can get a final VA Loan Approval. Condos, manufactured homes, co-ops, single-family homes — California real estate has incredible selection. Understanding how VA Loans work is your first step towards buying your dream home. Knowing how your credit and income qualification apply to the VA Loan process and talking it over with an experience loan officer is crucial. A VA specialist loan officer will be able to tell you how much you qualify for as [...]

“HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” (Mortgage Rates)

  The Week in Review – July 4th 2014   "Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  The Federal Reserve has been working hard helping our economy recover from the recent recession; we still need to keep our eye on some key reports that are rather disappointing. It has been six years and over $4 trillion in stimulus aimed at promoting economic growth, the final reading for 2014 first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came in at an sickly  -2.9 percent. Worse than expected and the worst reading since first quarter of 2009, the height of the recession. The report showed [...]

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