You may have recently seen on social media of the pictures or videos of dogs that have been groomed to look like other animals or even other items.

At the Creative Grooming Competition at the Groom Expo West, Poodle lovers and all types of dogs participate in the annual show, which this year was held February 16 through the 19th at the Pasadena Convention Center at 300 East Green St.

We went last year and had so much fun,  we made a point to attend and see the creative grooming again. This show is not just a Grooming Expo but also a trade show in the pet care industry. It’s for anyone who makes a full or part-time living from professional pet care or just those that love to do it as a hobby. This is for groomers, mobile groomers, kennel operators, trainers, kennel personnel, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, breeders, handlers, and vet techs, or literally anyone involved in the pet industry. There was a variety of exhibits and demonstrations but my favorite is definitely the dog grooming competition.  It’s also a great place to pick up supplies for a bargain!

This isn’t simply grooming a dog to look as it was designed to look for its breed. This is a horse of a different color, or should I say a dog of a different color. Just check out some of the amazing photos that I took from this Expo.

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