So…  It’s a Sunday and your out looking for something to do in Pasadena?

We had a friend who was entered in the Creative Grooming Competition at Groom Expo West, so we thought we’d have a look around. As Poodle lovers, we knew we would be in for a treat.

On a beautiful sunny day in January, look at what we came across at the Pasadena Convention Center.

A Bichon Frise dressed as FRUIT – Yes, that is her real hair and they cut and colored it to appear as a fruit basket evidently…    Check out the tail…

Yes.. It’s an elephant with a banana….

But wait.. there’s more…

Steam Punk Samoyed…

A Mermaid – look closely  –  This is a Standard Poodle by the way… again, this is all dog hair, cut and colored to look this way.. no photo shop….

A princess…  this one came with a lovely story, the poor Poodle was dumped in a trash can and was rescued and now she is sits on the throne and is groomed and loved to perfection by her adoring owner…

Had to save my Best for Last or my personal BEST IN SHOW Winner….

Poodle PONY!!!

How cute is that!!  Wouldn’t you just love to walk down the street with it!!  Too much fun!

For all you dog lovers out there,  Don’t forget to watch the 140th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this Monday and Tuesday night Feb 15-16 in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

You can also watch it on the USA Network.