How Does the New 2018 Tax Plan Affect Homeowners?

Many Americans are on edge wondering what this new tax plan may entail and how it will affect them personally. California homeowners especially are curious, and some are a bit anxious as to how these new laws affect homeownership and the real estate market in California, an area that is well known for some of the highest home prices in America. There is a significant amount of confusion about the tax laws in large part due to conflicting laws originally announced by the House of Representatives on November 2, 2017, and the Senate version passed on December 2, 2017. Of course, [...]

Keeping Your Mortgage Approval Approved!

The last thing any buyer wants is to have their financing fall through before they closed on a new house. It's tough enough these days to qualify for a mortgage so you don't want to do anything that could damage your mortgage or upset your interest rates between the time you apply in the time you close. This could be a few weeks or even a month or more depending on the house that you buy and the closing date. It's important not to ruin your approval during this time. Here are some key things to remember to keeping [...]

2 Major Myths That May Be Holding Back Buyers

The Urban Institute recently published a report discussing the obstacles to accessing homeownership. 80% of consumers either are unaware of how much lenders require for a down payment or believe all lenders require a down payment of over 5%. My job is to educate potential homebuyers with the realities of a mortgage and obtaining a loan. The first major myth is that homebuyers absolutely need a 20% down payment. Many homebuyers can overestimate the down payment funds needed to qualify for a home loan. According to the Urban Institute report, "consumers are often unaware of the option to take out low down [...]

Is RocketMortgage Worth It?

We live in an age of button pushers and talking to our devices.  With Google and Alexa we practically don't have to do anything anymore. Just tell her what to do and if she's connected, she can do it. So what about this RocketMortgage? On the surface, it seems like a duh idea. Just push a few buttons and you have a mortgage, right? Well, it's not that simple. When you sign up for RocketMortgage you are essentially letting this company do all the research for you. With one click of a button, you're giving permission to whomever to access all your [...]

Can I Get a Home Loan or Refinance if I’m Self-Employed?

Self-employment - Entrepreneur. It means a lot of things and sometimes self-employed people think they may not be able to get a home loan because they don't collect a W-2 and they think it might be impossible to prove their income. But this is not the case. If you're self-employed and you're looking for a home loan to purchase a home or to refinance,  the process is very similar to that of a typical job,  but you might need to come up with a few more documents. Getting a home loan is getting easier than you think if you're [...]

Mission Inn at Christmas

Looking to get into the spirit of the season?  Then one of your Holiday stops needs to be in Riverside, CA at the historic Mission Inn at Christmas time. Frequented by Presidents and whos who in Hollywood and the like. This gorgeous property has been serving travelers for over 140 years! Its stunning architecture has many styles: Spanish Gothic, Spanish Colonial, Renaissance Revival and Mediterranean. During the holiday season what you want to see is the Festival of Lights featuring over 4.5 MILLION twinkling lights, over 200 animated figurines, and holiday characters. Below are some pictures to get you started. We were in attendance [...]

5 Financial Perks of Being a First-Time Homebuyer

If you're going with the idea of buying your first house, you're probably doing some research on the financial side of it. Most of us don't have the cash to purchase our first home so we are looking at financing. This is probably one of the biggest loans you'll ever get but if you plan on buying more homes in the future it probably won't be your last. It's important to understand the financing behind a home purchase and all the financial perks you could receive simply by being a first-time homebuyer. There are a lot of forms and documents [...]

Who Pays Closing Costs on a Home?

Who pays for closing costs when you purchase a home or when you sell a home all depends on what type of loan the buyer is getting. First-time buyers are often shocked when they realize how much closing costs can actually be. Closing costs are the various fees, charges, and taxes to purchasing the property they can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Depending on the loan, some homebuyers can actually roll these fees into the purchase price of the home saving themselves thousands of dollars up front. But who typically pays these closing costs and where do [...]

How Do I Increase My FICO Score?

How Do I Increase My FICO Score?

FICO is different than that unknown entity that seems to take money from your check each week (FICA - an Acronym for Social Security). Your FICO score is a credit score provided by one of the major credit agencies in the U.S. This is the main score lenders and underwriters look at to determine your financial history. The higher the number the less risk you are to lenders. How high does the score need to be for a home loan? Any score above 680 usually qualifies for any type of home loan.  There are so many different loan programs and options [...]

Are You Ready to Buy a House Together?

Together... that may be a new word for you and now your SO (Significant Other)... but if you've decided that "together" is what you're going to be you might also be wondering if buying a house together is a good idea or not. Together means so many things to different people these days; married, engaged, dating, living together, whatever. So it's not just that old adage of we are married now so buying a house is the next logical step. Because it might not be the next step, or the first step, or any step in between. Buying a house is a [...]

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