Are You Ready to Buy a House Together?

Together... that may be a new word for you and now your SO (Significant Other)... but if you've decided that "together" is what you're going to be you might also be wondering if buying a house together is a good idea or not. Together means so many things to different people these days; married, engaged, dating, living together, whatever. So it's not just that old adage of we are married now so buying a house is the next logical step. Because it might not be the next step, or the first step, or any step in between. Buying a house is a [...]

Lake Forest – A Dining Celebration!

Once a year, Lake Forest has a literal Dining Celebration! On “Taste of Lake Forest” day, restaurants from around the city set up shop at the Foothill Ranch Towne Center to showcase their wares. For a single reasonably-priced ticket, only $10 per person, you can enjoy tasty bites from vendors you might want to put on your short list of eateries to visit.  It’s a great chance to enjoy the outdoors, visit with friends, and discover new restaurants.  For the rest of the year, you’ll enjoy endless combinations of dining styles and ethnic offerings.   2017 Taste of Lake Forest is Sunday, [...]

5 Ways to Tell if a Loan Officer is Ripping You Off

5 Ways to Tell if a Loan Officer is Ripping You Off

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, chances are there are scammers in just about every profession. And it's only getting worse. We really need to keep our feelers up when it comes to scams, hackers, and those just trying to get your money or your identity. Even in the loan industry, this is becoming a hassle, much more than an inconvenience, but a source of deep frustration for those looking to buy a house or refinance. In my industry, there are big red flags to look for so that you know your loan officer or mortgage officer [...]

Dog Grooming Contest in Pasadena

You may have recently seen on social media of the pictures or videos of dogs that have been groomed to look like other animals or even other items. At the Creative Grooming Competition at the Groom Expo West, Poodle lovers and all types of dogs participate in the annual show, which this year was held February 16 through the 19th at the Pasadena Convention Center at 300 East Green St. We went last year and had so much fun,  we made a point to attend and see the creative grooming again. This show is not just a Grooming Expo but also [...]

Loan Limits Increasing Starting January 1, 2017

Great news for home buyers in the new year! The Government Sponsored Enterprise or GSE, which is also commonly referred to as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, publicly traded companies helping banks and lenders by purchasing conforming loans, have announced an increase to the low limit starting in 2017. In the second quarter of 2016, the Federal Housing Finance Agencies price index was similar to the level of the index in 2007. Once the housing price index or HPI, reaches precrisis levels, the GSE can raise conforming loan limits. There are both standard loan limits and balance loan limits; the standard [...]

My Husband Won’t Give Me Money for the Mortgage

Ever happen to you? Well, it happened to a friend of mine this weekend. She and her husband are going through some serious issues and he holds the keys to all the checking accounts, locks down the money yet wants her to pay the bills and the mortgage. Well, if he doesn't give her the money to make the mortgage payment, what is she to do? How long can you go without paying your mortgage? Here's the deal, the mortgage payment is probably the most important bill you have. You need shelter and you need food. Those basics of survival need [...]

Groom Expo West – Pasadena

So...  It's a Sunday and your out looking for something to do in Pasadena? We had a friend who was entered in the Creative Grooming Competition at Groom Expo West, so we thought we'd have a look around. As Poodle lovers, we knew we would be in for a treat. On a beautiful sunny day in January, look at what we came across at the Pasadena Convention Center. A Bichon Frise dressed as FRUIT - Yes, that is her real hair and they cut and colored it to appear as a fruit basket evidently...    Check out the tail... Yes.. It's an elephant [...]

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Property Appraisal

& List of Top 10 Low Cost Improvements that Add BIG Value   You sold your house!   Or, you are thinking of getting a lower rate and refinancing your current mortgage.   You are going to need property appraisal on your home.   While the actual 10-12 page report may only take an hour or two for the appraiser to complete. Help him or her with these tips and you might get a faster turn time and possibly a higher value when they finish your property appraisal.   Curb appeal – Cut that lawn, plant some colorful flowers by the front door. The first thing the appraiser will judge [...]

Rate Locks & Good Faith Estimates… Know the difference!

Top 5 Questions: 1. What guarantee do you offer with rates provided on your written rate quote? A rate quote is NOT a guarantee of a mortgage rate until the loan is "LOCKED." A quote is a reflection of the rate "At that moment" the loan officer prepared the quote. Mortgage rates can change throughout the day... It's actually possible that the rate quote may have changed moments after the rate was provided... for better or worse. "Rates are a moving target, and without a lock–it’s just a quote" 2. Does my Good Faith Estimate mean my rate is locked? Your Good Faith Estimate [...]

5 Signs You Might Have Chosen the Wrong Lender

5 Signs You Might Have Chosen the Wrong Lender

I have heard some stories over the years of clients that had a less than happy ending with their mortgage lender and loan officer. Here’s a list of 5 signs you need to look out for before going down the wrong road: 1. They don’t ask for any documentation - Early on a loan officer will ask you many questions... the more the better in regards to income documentation. If your lender doesn’t seem to be asking these questions, that is a reason for concern. Reviewing your tax returns, W-2’s and paystubs, or 1099 forms are necessary to qualify you. Early [...]

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