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Buying Your First House After 60

It doesn’t happen often that there are circumstances that make it impossible for people to buy a home before 50 or 60 years old. Perhaps they’ve been in the military and have relocated most of their life or they have preferred to rent, letting someone else take care of all of the maintenance. Whatever the reason, if you’re now considering buying a home here are some tips to purchasing real estate after 60 years old. #1. Understand that it’s never too late. Regardless of the reason, it’s never too late to start building equity, especially if the price is right. The [...]

7 Tricks to Help Your Purchase Offer Stand Out From the Crowd

The real estate market is as tough as ever and getting any kind of edge over your competitors is great, no matter how small or superficial it may seem. Any real estate agent knows that branding and personality shine in this buyer’s market. Of course, buyers also want a way to out-smart the circling of sharks when a good deal hits the market. It’s good to have a creative, yet transparent offer so that the sellers are confident with the buyers ability to finance and close escrow. Here are some tips to accomplish just that, and then some! 1. Make sure your loan [...]

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