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Can I Get a Home Loan or Refinance if I’m Self-Employed?

Self-employment - Entrepreneur. It means a lot of things and sometimes self-employed people think they may not be able to get a home loan because they don't collect a W-2 and they think it might be impossible to prove their income. But this is not the case. If you're self-employed and you're looking for a home loan to purchase a home or to refinance,  the process is very similar to that of a typical job,  but you might need to come up with a few more documents. Getting a home loan is getting easier than you think if you're [...]

Who Pays Closing Costs on a Home?

Who pays for closing costs when you purchase a home or when you sell a home all depends on what type of loan the buyer is getting. First-time buyers are often shocked when they realize how much closing costs can actually be. Closing costs are the various fees, charges, and taxes to purchasing the property they can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Depending on the loan, some homebuyers can actually roll these fees into the purchase price of the home saving themselves thousands of dollars up front. But who typically pays these closing costs and where do [...]

Can I Still Buy a House with Low Income?

I love, LOVE talking to people wanting to buy a house, and especially for the first time. I love problem-solving and figuring out solutions that will really work for my clients, and not just immediate but for the future too.  I want all my clients, whether they are ready to buy now or not, to start now with great steps to be a homeowner in the next 3 months, 6 months or year. That's what I do! Not just provide you with the right loan for now, but help you plan and take steps that will help you be a [...]

Getting a Mortgage in 2017? Here's What You Should Know

Getting a Mortgage in 2017? Here’s What You Should Know

Trying to find accurate news and information these days seems like a wild goose chase. You never know who to believe anymore and if you hear something you have to check the source and then crosscheck it with other reputable sources. It really becomes a frustrating battle to find out what's real and what you can count on. As a professional in the mortgage and finance industry, it is my job, duty, and passion to give you the correct information 100% of the time. I want to give you the news as it's happening, changes that you might be expected [...]

Is Financing Different for a Tiny House?

Tiny houses are all the craze right now. You see shows about it, and many people are downsizing in order to spend their money where they really want instead of in a mortgage. But many people still need financing. While there are many ways to get financing, from friends and family, through an RV loan or even a gift, the most obvious is through a bank. But what type of loan should you be looking at? It really comes down to whether or not you are building the house on a trailer that is movable or if it's going to [...]

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage As Quickly as Possible?

This has been an interesting topic as of late. I've seen articles and questions roaming around asking, 'if you're wealthy, shouldn't you just pay off your mortgage?' and such... but is it always a good idea to pay off your mortgage as fast as possible or should you leverage your home as long as you can? The theory of paying off your mortgage and 'home debt' sounds like a great plan, right? But there are many reasons why you may not want to do so. Many wealthy people make their money work for them and this means figuring out the cost [...]

My Husband Won’t Give Me Money for the Mortgage

Ever happen to you? Well, it happened to a friend of mine this weekend. She and her husband are going through some serious issues and he holds the keys to all the checking accounts, locks down the money yet wants her to pay the bills and the mortgage. Well, if he doesn't give her the money to make the mortgage payment, what is she to do? How long can you go without paying your mortgage? Here's the deal, the mortgage payment is probably the most important bill you have. You need shelter and you need food. Those basics of survival need [...]

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