The state of California has launched a new equity builder loan program in hopes to help first-time buyers become homeowners in a highly competitive market. This program is called a forgivable equity builder loan and it allows qualified first-time buyers to borrow up to 10% of the home’s purchase price and have the debt forgiven as long as a buyer lives within that home for five years.

California has a New Forgivable Equity Builder Loan ProgramCalifornia has a New Forgivable Equity Builder Loan Program

This Equity Builder Loan are available for middle-income families that make less than 80% of the county’s annual median income in which they plan to purchase a home. For example, in the Bay Area counties, anyone making less than $120,000 a year is eligible.

Lawmakers in the state set aside $100 million of the state budget to help first-time homeowners with loans to achieve the goal of homeownership within the state. This is aimed to help working families that have enough income to afford a mortgage but may not have enough for a down payment be able to obtain a loan.

The spokesman for the California Housing Finance Agency has told news outlets that the state is hoping to help families build generational wealth through the means of long-term homeownership. For some of California’s families making a down payment to qualify for a mortgage and having cash available to cover closing costs can be a huge setback.

This forgivable equity builder loan program, it will allow a homeowner to develop equity in the property more quickly and hopefully enable them to refinance at a lower interest rate after the required five-year period has ended. This loan program has already received many applications. The nice thing is that the agency is not limiting the size of the loan. First-time buyers able to qualify for this program will need to attend a first-time homeowner class.

In addition to this new loan program, the California Department of Housing and Community Development will also be using $66 million towards new grants to help homeownership for low-income families and residents. This program is going to provide funding for 33 low- and moderate-income housing projects all across California. These grants have a focus on helping low-income residents become homeowners or enabling them to renovate and stay in existing homes.

Finding mortgage possibilities in a difficult market

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